How It Works

1 Choose Fabric

The chief component of the garment is the fabric you choose. Select a fabric of your taste from enormous collection brought by renowned mills of the World. We at WCB, keep a close eye on latest trends which ease our customers to pair with both Formals and Casuals.

2 Embrace Your Style

When we say bespoke , means offering certain aspects to choose from collars to pockets and plackets to cuffs . We provide unlimited styling options through our customizer where you can even personalise your shirt by adding your name initials on pockets or on cuffs which makes you feel differentiated from others.

3 Add Measurements

We have brought a hassle free ways to promote us your measurements and rest our expertise team of tailors will craft a shirt which fits you perfectly .

Five ways ofeasy measurements ...

Measurments At Your Doorstep

Schedule an appointment with our tailor and we will get you through Fabric selection , styling options followed by your body measurements at the comfort of your home / Office.

Send A Shirt

Do you already own a great fitting shirt? All you have to do is send us your best fit shirt and we will use its measurements to make the new shirt. For your trouble, we will also credit your account with the shipment cost (upto INR 100) borne by you.

Standard Sizes

If you get a good fit wearing standard sizes, go ahead and select this option for a quick and easy order. Do consult our size chart to ensure you choose the appropriate size. You can also make adjustments to the collar size, shirt length and sleeve length for a more individual fit.

Shirt Measurements

If you are happy with the fit of a shirt you currently own, you can get our shirts tailored to that fit. Follow the easy step-by-step guide and use a measuring tape to create your measurement profile.

Body Measurements

Our shirts can be tailored according to your specific body measurements to ensure a great fit the first time itself. To begin, you will need a measuring tape and a second person to assist you with the measuring. Follow our easy step-by-step guide to create your measurement profile.